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What's "The Cloud"?

Software as a Service (SaaS) and the term 'cloud' have come about in recent years due to the rapidly developing change in how software is delivered to users. Applications were installed from a cd or downloaded from the internet for a fixed fee or annual license. For business software, the user would also generally be charged a support and maintenance fee and on top of that could be expected to pay separately for each new release.

Cloud applications are delivered and paid for differently. Instead of owning your own servers with support staff and buying the software license outright, you subscribe to a service provided by the cloud vendor who manages all of the 'behind the scenes' nuts and bolts for you; hence the term Software as a Service.

Why the Cloud?

  • This new software delivery model allows small and medium sized companies to gain access to applications previously reserved only for enterprises who could afford the high cost of servers, hardware redundancy and support staff.

  • For a price that is affordable even for small retailers, you can now get features such as stock control, product and price maintenance, cash drawer control, discounts, staff time management and sales/stock reporting.

  • New product features are released often, normally every month along with improvements and bug fixes. That way we can be highly responsive to the needs of our customers and quickly fix any issues as soon as they arise.

  • Your data is constantly being saved to our secure servers and is backed up daily to a separate location. This means that you can relax as far as backing up your data history is concerned - one less thing to worry about.

  • If your local terminal hardware fails for whatever reason, then you can quickly and easily get up and running again. All of your history, products, prices etc will be refreshed onto your new terminal from the remote server ready for you to carry on selling from where you left off.

  • You pay a monthly subscription fee with no tie-in, you can start and stop the service whenever you need to.

  • All back-end functions such as product maintenance and reporting can be done from anywhere with an internet connection so you can manage your business even when you are not physically in store.

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