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Bluestore Integrations & Add-ons


Multi-channel retail at your fingertips. Bluestore seamlessly integrates with Magento to share products, pricing, customers, stock and orders in real-time. You can add Bluestore Live to your existing Magento store, or add a Magento store to your existing Bluestore enterprise. Simple.

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YESpay Easy V

For UK retailers, we offer an integrated Chip and Pin solution using YesPay EasyV software to process the card payments. This removes the need for the operator to enter the amount on the card terminal, speeding up the transaction and reducing errors.

YesPay are a fully accredited card payment service that can process all types of credit and debit card, both EMV Chip and Pin and magnetic stripe.

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A free, lightweight version of Bluestore POS for your iPad. Connect to your main store and create transactions on the go.


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