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Cielo Touch Screen 15inch

Cielo Touch Screen 15inch is available for purchase in increments of 1
Brilliant display

Cielo display features a bright and high-resolution
screen designed to display sharp and pristine content
for the best experience possible.

Projected capacitive interface

Cielo display utilises a projected capacitive touch
interface ensuring exceptional responsiveness and
multi-touch capability.

Robust design

Cielo display is housed in a splash and dust proof
rugged structure to withstand the extremes of retail


Cielo display

Stylish 4:3 Multi-touch Display

Slim, durable and bright. Cielo display truly complements any environment.

Cielo display is a bezel free LCD monitor that is elegant and sleek yet rugged and stable enough to operate in any environment. The unit utilises a projected capacitive touch interface ensuring ultimate accuracy.

Cielo display is a component that is readily compatible with other PoS components in the Box range of PC Retail PoS systems and terminals.