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Admin Console

The hub of Bluestore Live is your admin console. All of your business data is held securely on our servers and your admin console allows you full control over it. It lives in the cloud, on your own private url and so can be accessed from anywhere where you can connect securely to the internet.
You can create products, change prices, check stock, run sales reports and much more besides.

Importing your data

You can import your data into Bluestore Live from a spreadsheet. This considerably speeds up the process of setting up your initial business data, and we give you a helping hand with our import templates.

Pricing & Range Lists

Sales prices are managed using price lists. All products are saved automatically to a default price list, making it easy to use for retailers with a single product range. For larger retailers or those with more intricate pricing needs, multiple price lists can be employed to provide ultimate flexibility including matrix pricing for complex range/price scenarios.

Suppliers & Cost Prices

Create and maintain a list of your suppliers and their contact details. Products can be assigned to one or more suppliers and each product / supplier has its own cost price history. Set your own reorder level and run a 'Recommended Stock Reorder' report to ensure you're always on top of your inventory.

Stock Management

Perform stock transactions on both the admin console and in your POS terminal. Inter-store transfers of inventory, write on/off, stock count, goods receipt are all included.

Customer Data

Capture customer information during a sale. You can enter contact details, a loyalty ID, gender and age range. Export a 'Sales by Customer' summary to Excel and analyse the types of people who shop with you.


Bluestore is modular, so if your business grows, you can manage new stores and terminals all from the same admin console. Whether you're adding temporary stores and teminals for pop-up shops or creating an additional POS terminal at busy times of the year, no problem!


A suite of reports is available on the enteprise console, displaying sales and stock information to help you run your business. A detailed 'Transaction Journal' allows you to drill down into every transactional event that occurs, on every terminal, within every store belonging to your estate.

Data Backups & Security

Daily server backups are managed by us as part of your subscription and held at a physically secure data centre with hardware redundancy and fire protection. You always have full access to your information and can export it from your enterprise console at any time. Remote synchronisation ensures that your data can always be retrieved even in the event of a local hardware failure. In addition, all communications between store and console use SSL encryption to encode the data flow.


As part of your Bluestore Live subscription you are always on the latest version and we don’t expect you to have to pay for the privilege. Our service to you means that all updates are regular, automatic and included in the price.


We've created a free connector to the popular open-source ecommerce platform Magento. Ensure your online shop is tightly aligned with your in-store operations.

POS Terminal

The point of sale terminal is Bluestore Live on your shop floor – it is fully featured as you would expect from any POS system, yet can be used with minimal training so that casual or short term staff can pick it up very quickly. The menu options and screen layouts are clear and uncluttered and it is designed to be used most efficiently with a touch-sensitive screen.

Cross Platform

Whether your Point of Sale terminals are Apple Macs, Windows PC, Linux PC or a mixture doesn’t matter – Bluestore runs on any hardware and operating system that can support Java.

Customise Receipts

You can add your own logo, change the names and layout of the fields of a sales receipt to fit the needs of your company by customising the sales receipt template.

Label Printing

Bluestore POS supports label printing for shelf-edge labels and packaging/barcodes. Install a label printer and sticky labels can be output either during a sale or in multiples as a separate task.


EAN/UPC numbers can be entered or imported for each product to allow barcodes to be scanned at the till.

Add Notes & Table Numbers

Print an open bill to present to the customer for payment. Add notes to the sale either at transaction or item level. Print to a second receipt printer in the kitchen or other location. Add the table number and number of covers for a sale.

Park Sales

Bluestore lets you park and restore incomplete sales. Handy for layaways or customers who've forgotten to pick up an item.

Discounts & Vouchers

Assign item and sale level discounts. Sell and redeem vouchers as tender.

Taking Credit Cards

For basic card processing on a separate device or payment capture screen, Bluestore POS supports the user by guiding them through the entry of the amount and confirming whether the payment was successful. This method assumes the retailer has an existing card processor and will work regardless of the type of payment mechanism employed.
For UK retailers, we also offer an integrated Chip and Pin solution using YesPay EasyV software to process the card payments. This removes the need for the operator to enter the amount on the card terminal, speeding up the transaction and reducing errors.


Staff can be assigned different levels of permissions within the terminal. Manage their time with the in-built clocking in and out function. View sales by user and export reports on cashier statistics and staff costs.

Bluestore for iPad

We've created a lightweight iPad version of Bluestore Live for when you're selling on the go. Bluestore for iPad will work both on and offline, syncing sales to your cloud based admin console when an internet connection becomes available.
Perfect for tradeshows and events, with all your sales channels updated in real time.

Easy iPad Product Search

Quick Setup

Transactions On The Go