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What kind of retailers are using Bluestore?

Garden centre, café, farm shop, supermarket, golf store, bar, climbing centre, off licence, newsagent, cheese shop, vintage store, language school, vape store... just some examples....

Does it work on tablets?

Bluestore works nicely on a tablet running Windows 8. It doesn't run on Android or Windows RT. We also have a lightweight version of Bluestore Live for iPad available for free from the App store.

Do you work with agents/resellers?

Yes! We recognise that many independent retailers use agents, consultants and friends to evaluate and source IT software on their behalf. In return for customer introduction and sign-up we offer significant affiliate payments. We can also provide banners for click-through marketing on your own website. If you are a POS reseller, hardware supplier, local EPOS provider, e-commerce vendor or otherwise involved in Point of Sale systems we'd love to hear from you. Offer a Bluestore Live subscription as part of your existing EPOS package or as an add-on option and you'll be able to purchase at reseller prices for the life of your signed-up accounts. Improve customer perception of your offer by aligning your business with a new generation of POS application. Your end customers will get access to comprehensive self-help through our knowledge base and we will provide full support to you as a partner/reseller.

Does Bluestore integrate with ecommerce platforms?

Yes, we've developed an integration with the open source ecommerce platform, Magento Community Edition. We can also host your Magento installation if needed.

What hardware will I need?

Bluestore Live will work with most hardware from a simple PC to a fully fledged POS terminal. You can evaluate the software using your existing computer without having to add any of the peripherals. For live use in a retail store, however, we recommend using a cash drawer, receipt printer and barcode scanner. Bluestore Live works best with a touch sensitive screen which avoids the operator having to use a mouse and speeds up transaction times. You are free to use your existing hardware – we can also supply components, full systems and consumables through our online store. We sell hardware fully tested with Bluestore Live, however if you have a receipt printer or barcode scanner that is not listed there is still a good chance your device will be compatible. Our knowledgebase contains an in-depth guide to specific hardware and lots of useful information on how to connect external devices to Bluestore Live - we can help if you are unsure.

Will I be able to process credit cards?

For basic card processing on a separate device or payment capture screen, Bluestore Live POS supports the user by guiding them through the entry of the amount and confirming whether the payment was successful. This method assumes the retailer has an existing card processor and will work regardless of the type of payment mechanism employed.

For UK retailers, we also offer an integrated Chip and Pin solution using YesPay EasyV software to process the card payments. This removes the need for the operator to enter the amount on the card terminal, speeding up the transaction and reducing errors.

How do move my inventory over from my current POS provider?

We try and make that move as easy as possible with a number of templates to get you started.