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  • Haven't Got Time to Wait in That Queue....!

    To prevent long queues and disgruntled customers, Bluestore POS allows a number of terminals to be run alongside each other in busy stores.

    Due to the way in which the terminal application works, several store terminals all run in sync with each other. Stock is updated on all terminals at once when a sale is made or stock is adjusted using the goods receipt and stock count functions.

    If the store cannot connect to the cloud for some reason, internet connection downtime or ISP problems, the terminals in store keep running. Stock is still synchronised between the store terminals which is not possible if each terminal is a standalone browser based POS.

    This is where our Smart Client technology comes into its own. It means the store keeps on running with no difference to the user when your internet connection wavers, it simply starts synchronising with the cloud again once the connection is restored. There is no limit to the length of time it will keep working without being connected to the internet.

    We've added some information on the support knowledge base to help guide you through setting up and configuring multiple terminals:

    Serve your customers quicker by setting up a second Bluestore POS terminal in your store. It costs just £5 / $8 per month extra which will pay for itself in no time if you have abandoned shopping baskets due to queues at busy times.

    Drop us a line via the contact page if you have any questions on this or any other Bluestore POS function.

  • Controlling the Frequency of the POS Cloud 'Heartbeat'

    If you have a limited broadband usage contract for your stores, it is possible to fine tune the frequency at which the keepalive 'heartbeat' messages are sent to the cloud hub. This heartbeat message tells the hub that the POS is alive, connected and ready to accept new updates.

    The messages are tiny but, due to the frequency of sending, they can add up over time to a reasonable amount of data that could fall foul of usage limits if you have a particularly stringent broadband contract.

    The heartbeat frequency is set for maximum responsiveness but should you wish to reduce the amount of times per minute it is sent, you can find detailed instructions on our support site here

  • New Release for Bluestore Live POS

    An update to Bluestore Live POS will be released on Monday 17th June at 5am GMT (12am EST / 12pm SGT).

    Version 1.14.10 is faster, more robust and can handle a much greater number of products than its predecessor, we've tested up to 20,000 products with text search and barcode scanning.

    We've also paid attention to what you've said is the issue that seems to cause the most problems - setting up a receipt printer, label printer and cash drawer. You could previously print to the default printer installed as a local device in the operating system but we've now added the ability to select any printer and use it either for receipts or labels.

    The font can be selected, allowing more personalisation on the printed receipt, and product barcodes can be output in various standard formats.

    Instead of having to rely on the driver to open the drawer each time a receipt is output, the drawer opening mechanism is now fully controlled by Bluestore.  - this is much more convenient as often you'll need to print a receipt without opening the drawer and vice-versa.

    Of course we still also support industry standard JPOS/UPOS drivers for hardware devices. These can be a bit trickier to get working but have the benefits of being able to use the internal printer text and barcode fonts for speed and scanner readability.

    Here's the full list of improvements:

    - Revamped printer setup and drawer control for local printers including barcode labels. 
    - Core database procedures have been redesigned to allow Bluestore to run faster and handle a much larger number of products
    - Improved performance when retrieving products by category and when scanning barcodes
    - Better performance when retrieving and displaying data on the console
    - Fixed terminal product description search 
    - Fix for issue with price override that can cause sales to close out before being properly completed
    - Various other bug fixes and incremental improvements


    If you have any questions about the new release please get in touch by raising a support ticket or using the contact form.


  • Price Overrides

    We're aware of an issue in the current live version whereby price overrides applied to products during a sale can cause the sale to close unexpectedly before payment has been fully taken.

    This problem is fixed in the upcoming release but in the meantime, if this is causing a problem on your Bluestore POS terminal, please drop us a mail via the contact form  and we can supply you with a patch to fix the current version.

  • Two bug fixes went in yesterday

    Friday 5th April, two console issues were resolved:

    1. Error message when filtering by product description on the price maintenance screen.

    2. Not possible to remove products with a stock record. You can now remove a product if the stock quantity is zero or negative.

    We also cleaned up old, deleted range entries that were causing product duplication at the POS for some customers.

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