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  • New Release 1.18

    An update to Bluestore POS will be released on Monday 9th Feb between 4am and 5am GMT. The enterprise console will be unavailable for about an hour but POS terminals will continue to function normally.

    This release is somewhat technical in nature, we've spent time improving the robustness of the data handling and reducing bottlenecks for high throughput stores. This should improve the overall experience and will fix many of the data related issues that occur from time to time.

    We've created a new report for this release 'Payments by Day'. This report shows the value of each payment taken within a date range by payment method. The report can be exported to excel as usual.

    There are also new APIs and performance improvements to the stock on hand report.

    Here’s the full list of new features and enhancements:

    • New report Payments by Day
    • Improvements for high throughput stores, reducing bottlenecks
    • Fix date/time filtering on reports
    • Include sales for deleted customers in customer sales reports
    • Allow zero as value for reorder level
    • Correct issue with trailing spaces on product import
    • Fix console rendering in IE11
    • Fix copying of terminal key on windows 8 tablet install
    • Tighten database constraints to improve data integrity
    • OAuth security hardening against replay attacks
    • API for POST Store and Terminal
    • API for POST Stock Movements
    • API tighten checks on POST Sale
    • API allow large data sets for POST/GET Customers and Products
    • Stock on hand report performance improvements
    • Data import fix issues with range entry and product description
    • Data import fix duplicate barcodes
    • Fix behaviour of saleable and active flags for product
    • Fix issue with deleted prices transmit to store


    For the following release we are working on allowing users to easily send statistics back to us so that we can better diagnose bottlenecks and other store related issues. This should allow us to further improve the experience on the POS terminal side. We will also be adding some new features such as the ability to reprint the last receipt.

    If you have any questions about the new release please get in touch by raising a support ticket or using the contact form.

  • Update for Countries with Sales Tax Added

    An update to the Bluestore POS application will go live on Wednesday 15th Oct between 5am and 6am UK time (midnight to 1am Eastern Time).

    We have made a couple of changes to display the subtotal on the screen before tax and we've added a new parameter to the sales receipt template which allows you to include a subtotal to the customer receipt. This is important in areas that require entry of sales and tax to a separate system.
    We have also fixed a bug in the way the tax is calculated when there are multiple items which caused a problem for additional sales tax regions.

    When you start up the POS application on Wednesday morning it will tell you a new version is available so you can upgrade. This update is critical for North American sites but is optional for countries with VAT schemes.

    After the upgrade, to add the new subtotal parameter to the physical receipt, you can amend the receipt template saleReceipt.vm which, on windows vista/7/8 should be in the folder C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Roaming\Bluefish Retail\Bluestore Live POS\terminal\templates\sale\

    Look for the following section and add the line @[right]Subtotal: $toPayNoTaxFormatted
    #if( ! $taxIncluded )
    @[right]Subtotal: $toPayNoTaxFormatted
    @[right]Plus Tax: $tax

    If you're not comfortable changing the receipt template or have questions about the update just get in touch and we can help. Support tickets can be created at

  • Bluestore POS and Windows 8

    Some customers running Windows 8 have recently been having intermittent problems with the Bluestore Point of Sale terminal not being able to connect to the cloud or to other terminals in the same store.

    The issue appears to be related to the way with older versions of Java interact with Windows 8.

    We recommend upgrading to the very latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (currently JRE version 1.7_u55), this seems to have resolved the problem.

    Please note that if you use a 64-bit operating system on your till machine you should continue to use the 32-bit version of the JRE. The 64-bit JRE is only needed if you use the 64-bit version of internet explorer.

  • Price Overrides

    We're aware of an issue in the current live version whereby price overrides applied to products during a sale can cause the sale to close unexpectedly before payment has been fully taken.

    This problem is fixed in the upcoming release but in the meantime, if this is causing a problem on your Bluestore POS terminal, please drop us a mail via the contact form  and we can supply you with a patch to fix the current version.

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