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  • Profiling Your Customers

    We're updating Bluestore Live this Monday with a few new features and some bug fixes. It's not a full release but resolves some known problems and also includes the ability to record and report on customer profile data.

    When entering customer details at the till, you can now enter a Loyalty Id, Gender and Age Range for the customer. The Sales by Customer summary and detail reports have also been updated to include this information so you can now export these reports to Excel and analyse the types of people who shop with you.

    This update to Bluestore Live POS version 1.15 will be applied on Monday 24th March between 5am and 6am GMT.

    Here's the full list of what's included in this update:

    • Customer profile capture and reporting, loyalty id, age range and gender
    • Addition of cost price to console goods receipt transaction
    • Improvements to better handle high throughput stores
    • Allow printing of the base item price on sales receipt
    • Fix for refund problems on sell by weight items with discounts
    • Fix for receipt total on sell by weight items with price overrides
    • Improved handling of sell by weight quantities in sale recall/refund
    • Fix for importing barcodes that have been previously imported then deleted

    We're busy working on more new features for the next release, including the ability to record supplier information for your product range.

    We love to hear from you and we tailor our development roadmap to our customers' needs, so do add any feature requests to the knowledgebase at

  • New Report - Sales by User

    This morning we added a new report to the Bluestore Live POS web console.

    The report allows you to display the total sales value by the user who processed the transaction and is useful for companies who pay commission to their staff based on sales.

    Selection is by time period, user and store and the report can be exported if required to excel, PDF or web format.

    We also fixed some minor bugs on the sales reports which caused the grand totals to be displayed incorrectly for multi-currency operations.

  • Using a Customer Display for Point of Sale Marketing

    Bluestore Live POS supports the use of a customer facing screen; displaying marketing information, in-store promotions and details of the current sale as it is being entered.

    The customer display uses standard windows extended desktop across two monitors and is easy to configure with your own business text and graphics. The product and price information is clearly displayed along with the total sale amount and any change due to the customer, keeping them informed as the sale is being entered. Use a background image to inform customers of any new promotions or to prominently display marketing material.

    Different sized monitors can be used for the customer display so you could use a smaller screen behind the main till or a more prominent graphic on a larger screen to capture the customer's attention while store staff are ringing up the sale.

    Full instructions for setting up Bluestore Live for a dual monitor Point of Sale are now available on our support site here:

    Dig out that old monitor gathering dust in the store-room and put it to good use as a customer marketing tool!

  • Haven't Got Time to Wait in That Queue....!

    To prevent long queues and disgruntled customers, Bluestore POS allows a number of terminals to be run alongside each other in busy stores.

    Due to the way in which the terminal application works, several store terminals all run in sync with each other. Stock is updated on all terminals at once when a sale is made or stock is adjusted using the goods receipt and stock count functions.

    If the store cannot connect to the cloud for some reason, internet connection downtime or ISP problems, the terminals in store keep running. Stock is still synchronised between the store terminals which is not possible if each terminal is a standalone browser based POS.

    This is where our Smart Client technology comes into its own. It means the store keeps on running with no difference to the user when your internet connection wavers, it simply starts synchronising with the cloud again once the connection is restored. There is no limit to the length of time it will keep working without being connected to the internet.

    We've added some information on the support knowledge base to help guide you through setting up and configuring multiple terminals:

    Serve your customers quicker by setting up a second Bluestore POS terminal in your store. It costs just £5 / $8 per month extra which will pay for itself in no time if you have abandoned shopping baskets due to queues at busy times.

    Drop us a line via the contact page if you have any questions on this or any other Bluestore POS function.

  • Controlling the Frequency of the POS Cloud 'Heartbeat'

    If you have a limited broadband usage contract for your stores, it is possible to fine tune the frequency at which the keepalive 'heartbeat' messages are sent to the cloud hub. This heartbeat message tells the hub that the POS is alive, connected and ready to accept new updates.

    The messages are tiny but, due to the frequency of sending, they can add up over time to a reasonable amount of data that could fall foul of usage limits if you have a particularly stringent broadband contract.

    The heartbeat frequency is set for maximum responsiveness but should you wish to reduce the amount of times per minute it is sent, you can find detailed instructions on our support site here

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