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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • Release 1.21 - New import templates and discount features

    An update to Bluestore Live will be released on Monday 23rd November between 4am and 6am GMT. The enterprise console will be unavailable for about an hour but POS terminals will continue to function normally.

    The update features support for Java 1.8, new import templates for customers, suppliers and supplier-product links, plus some new discount features and bug squashing.

    For mac users, we have made some changes to the way the POS application is installed and how it interacts with the Apple hardware. This is to ensure the update process is smoother and more stable in future. Unfortunately this means that, for Apple Mac OSx installs only, you will need to completely uninstall and reinstall the POS application to apply the new release. We can help with this process if you are unsure, but please do this outside business hours to avoid any impact to trading.

    Here's the full list of changes:

    • Support for Java 1.8
    • Customer search during sale, added ability to find customer by loyalty id and telephone number
    • Added optional text for paid in / paid out / pickup
    • Sales by product report, allow filtering by category
    • Console product maintenance overview, added 'active' column
    • New data import for customers
    • New data import for suppliers
    • New data import for supplier / product relationship including cost price
    • Added reorder level to product import file
    • Added ability to exclude header discount from any item that already has an item discount applied
    • Added a minimum quantity for item discounts so that the discount can't be applied unless the customer has bought a certain quantity
    • Stock on Hand and Sales by Product reports, changed product selector to allow better searching and multi-select
    • Changed Apple Mac install process and removed serial port drivers for more stable operation
    • Fixed problem with inconsistent dates on export of drawer events report in non-UK time zones
    • Fixed issues with fixed amount discounts allowing sale to go negative
    • Tidied up pagination on maintain suppliers page
    • Fixed problem with price overrides and maximum discount percentage
    • Fixed issue removing products on console stock operations
    • Various other minor bug fixes

    As with all new releases, we recommend testing before applying the update in your live stores. Your individual enterprise data can have a bearing on how the system functions so it is important to test first - we will not charge for the creation of a test store on your account as we prefer you to ensure the update goes smoothly and without impacting your live stores.

    If any issues occur or you have any comments about the new functions, please create a support ticket at

    We also appreciate any feedback or features requests so do get in touch!

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