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Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Update for Countries with Sales Tax Added

    An update to the Bluestore POS application will go live on Wednesday 15th Oct between 5am and 6am UK time (midnight to 1am Eastern Time).

    We have made a couple of changes to display the subtotal on the screen before tax and we've added a new parameter to the sales receipt template which allows you to include a subtotal to the customer receipt. This is important in areas that require entry of sales and tax to a separate system.
    We have also fixed a bug in the way the tax is calculated when there are multiple items which caused a problem for additional sales tax regions.

    When you start up the POS application on Wednesday morning it will tell you a new version is available so you can upgrade. This update is critical for North American sites but is optional for countries with VAT schemes.

    After the upgrade, to add the new subtotal parameter to the physical receipt, you can amend the receipt template saleReceipt.vm which, on windows vista/7/8 should be in the folder C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Roaming\Bluefish Retail\Bluestore Live POS\terminal\templates\sale\

    Look for the following section and add the line @[right]Subtotal: $toPayNoTaxFormatted
    #if( ! $taxIncluded )
    @[right]Subtotal: $toPayNoTaxFormatted
    @[right]Plus Tax: $tax

    If you're not comfortable changing the receipt template or have questions about the update just get in touch and we can help. Support tickets can be created at

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