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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • New Release 1.16 For Bluestore POS

    An update to Bluestore POS will be released on Monday 17th May between 4am and 5am GMT. The enterprise console will be unavailable for about an hour but POS terminals will continue to function normally.

    In this release we've extended the ability to be able to create Suppliers on Bluestore Live. It is now possible to create suppliers in the same way you can create customers. Products can be assigned to one or more suppliers and each product / supplier has its own cost price history.

    The product edit window has now been extended so that you can see the current inventory of that product across your estate. We've also added a 'reorder level' for each product which is used in the new Stock Reorder report.

    There are two new reports in this version; the Stock Reorder report shows all products where the total inventory in the business has fallen below the reorder level. This can be exported to pdf or excel for use as the basis for supplier purchase orders.

    The new Drawer Events report displays all events that have happened to the terminal drawer in store. This is a flexible report and can be used for instance to to show all incoming and outgoing cash, banking transactions, the card payments received or all paid ins / outs over a time period.

    Here’s the full list of new features and enhancements:

    • Create Suppliers in Bluestore
    • Manage cost prices by product / supplier and record cost price history
    • Current inventory quantity visible directly in product edit window
    • Add a product reorder level for inventory
    • Stock reorder report
    • Drawer events report
    • Import/export cost prices
    • Added product search button to the terminal stock enquiry and stock by store
    • Reports exported to excel are formatted better
    • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

    A couple of the items we are working on for the next release are the ability to scan product barcodes with embedded price / weight and the addition of Customer Not Present card payments for Yespay integrated chip and pin devices.

    If you have any questions about the new release please get in touch by raising a support ticket or using the contact form.

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