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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • New Release 1.15 for Bluestore POS

    An update to Bluestore POS was released today, Monday 27th Jan.

    Our deli and cafe customers have long been asking for the ability to create customer bills, capture table and number of covers for parked sales and print to a second kitchen printer. This is all now possible with Bluestore and it also adds the potential to create layaways and pre-orders direct from the POS.

    The power of the POS sales screen has been enhanced with the addition of free text notes at transaction and line item level adding a huge amount of flexibility to the information that can be added to the sale and printed on the customer receipt.

    We've also improved the data import facility on this new version. It's now much simpler to import your products, prices and stock to Bluestore, with clear messages to help you diagnose problems with the data before it has loaded.

    New reports have been added to display the sales summary and detail by customer, along with improvements to the VAT / Sales Tax reporting and the Top Sellers Report.

    Here's the full list of new features and enhancements:

    • New and improved data import function.
    • Print an open bill to present to the customer for payment.
    • Add notes to the sale either at transaction or item level
    • Print to a second receipt printer in the kitchen or other location
    • Add the table number and number of covers for a sale.
    • New report Sales Tax / VAT By Store.
    • New reports for Sales by Customer.
    • Category added to Top Sellers Report
    • New template for exporting reports to excel
    • New label template for shelf edge labels
    • Default unit of measure when entering prices
    • Fixed price deletions not properly sent to the POS..
    • Changed 'to date' on data export which was not inclusive making the reports confusing.
    • Improvements to validation of API requests and various API bug fixes.
    • More sophisticated and streamlined data flow between store and cloud server. Reduces load on the system.
    • Fix issue whereby a sale in progress can be opened on a second terminal causing an error.
    • Improvements on terminal startup in situations where the store is already running.
    • Notify user on reconciliation if parked sales are about to be deleted.

    If you have any questions about the new release please get in touch by raising a support ticket or using the contact form.

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