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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • Minor update being applied this afternoon...

    This afternoon at 1.30pm GMT the Bluestore Central servers will be restarted. This is for a minor update to fix a bug affecting new customer creation.

    POS terminals won't be affected but the console will be unavailable for around 20 minutes.

    Bluefish Support

  • New Release 1.13.10

    Version 1.13.10 will be in production on Monday!

    This Monday 25th March will see a new release making it onto our servers. The release will uploaded between 5am and 6am GMT so please expect some console downtime during this period. The POS application will continue to run normally while the console is down for maintenance.

    We have introduced the ability to perform stock transactions on the console in this release, including new inter-store transfers of inventory. We have also laid the groundwork for more sophisticated stock processing by improving the product maintenance and units of measure,

    Main Updates in This Release

    - New console stock transactions; store transfer, write on/off, stock count, goods receipt.
    - Improved product maintenance. Change to tab view in preparation for future new product functions.
    - New column filter to allow product search on prices, ranges and discounts. Replaced product page search with new filter.
    - Extend units of measure to include conversions in preparation for future stock functionality
    - API improvements
    - Include change as a payment line on transaction journal
    - Change from live scroll to paging on console data maintenance and improve data display management
    - Improvements to the POS software updater
    - Console sales prices screen solve problems with buttons not appearing at certain resolutions
    - Fixed stock receipt bug when stock is negative
    - Many other bug fixes and small improvements

    As always, do drop us a line if you have any questions.

    Bluefish Support


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