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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  • New Release 1.12.10

    Phew, version 1.12.10 went live today!

    It took a while to get this release finally polished up. Some serious internal code changes meant we had a longer testing and bug fixing phase than usual. The benefit though is a much more robust core and the ability to handle thousands more products than we could previously.

    On a modest POS machine we can now initialise 10,000 products in a few minutes, storing business data and transactions both offline and online so that the POS keeps running even with no internet connection.

    Main Updates in This Release
    - Core changes to handle a greater number of products
    - Much faster data initialisation from the hub to store
    - New bulk assignment of products to discounts, charges and range lists
    - Better transaction void/refund handling
    - Tracking and reporting on employee shift hours and cost
    - New 'discounts used' report
    - Improvements to YesPay integrated credit card payments
    - User preference for console date display format
    - More API functionality for connecting to external systems
    - Security improvements on the store and console
    - Fixed bugs with the display and maintenance of hardware settings
    - Fixed problem with terminal training mode
    - Various improvements and fixes for receipt output
    - Ability to print receipt on float entry
    - Improve data available to the printed label template
    - Option to add products to a sale separately instead of changing the quantity
    - Easier setup of second terminal in store
    - Fixes for various other minor bugs and display tidying
    - Support for Java Version 7


    And on to the next one.....developers never sleep.

    Bluefish Support


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