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Monthly Archives: February 2012

  • New Release 1.10.7

    The latest Bluestore Live release 1.10.7 will be applied across the production servers on Monday 20th Feb at 5am GMT (12am EST / 9pm PST).

    Main changes in this release:

    1. Ability to create and search for a customer during a sale
    2. Progress indicator for data initialisation on the terminal
    3. Improved 'find sale' option on terminal
    4. Product selection by scanning barcode in stock transactions and price check
    5. Fixed printing of receipts for Post Voids
    6. Terminal button texts tidied
    7. Blocked store/terminal from opening twice
    8. New report 'Sales By Category'
    9. Reports can now be output to excel as well as pdf and html
    10. New transaction number format
    11. Fixed problem with changing and importing duplicate barcodes

    As always, do contact us if you have any questions regarding the new release.

  • Maintaining Prices in Bluestore Live

    Setting cost and retail prices for your products in Bluestore Live is easy with our new price maintenance screen.

    When a product is created it is added to a default price list. It's also possible to add your own price lists if you operate in multiple stores that sell the same products at different retail prices.

    The main price list is selected by default and the screen shows all of the products currently assigned to that price list.

    Changing the cost price, markup, margin or selling price will recalculate the rest of the fields. This is a powerful tool to enable you to instantly see the effect a new cost or selling price will have on your retail margin. You can set your selling price based on a cost + markup or even set the target margin you'd like to maintain and the system will work out the retail price for you.

    Prices can be prepared in advance by setting the start date. They will then become active on the POS at the right time without having to change prices at the last minute.

    Click 'Save' to store your changes. The 'Reset' button restores the prices to their state before your current changes were made.

    Click 'View Detail' to see a price history for the selected product.

    If you have created your own price list, new products can be added to it by clicking 'add products'. A comprehensive search window will allow you to pick and choose the products for the new price list. Products can also be deleted from the price list altogether using the 'remove' button.

    This is a brief overview of how pricing is managed in Bluestore Live. If you have any questions or comments do feel free to drop us a line via the contact page.

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