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Monthly Archives: December 2011

  • Happy Christmas!

    To all our customers - have a great Christmas and if you don't celebrate Christmas then have a lovely weekend!

    All the very best for the coming year.

  • Importing Products and Cost Prices

    We've updated the product import template and added the following columns:

    • Age (required if Age Restricted is true)
    • Age Restricted (true/false)
    • Sold By Weight (true/false)
    • Request Price (true / false)

    We have also created a new import template for product cost prices. This allows costs to be amended for multiple products in bulk, instead of having to change them individually in the console product maintenance.

    The import templates can be found on our downloads page

    For more information on importing business data to Bluestore Live, see the tutorial in our knowledge base:

    Data can be importing in excel, csv or xml format.

  • New Release 1.9.3

    The latest Bluestore Live release 1.9.3 will be applied across the production servers on Monday 5th December at 6am GMT (1am EST / 10pm PST).

    Main changes in this release:

    1. New price maintenance screen with margin/markup calculation
    2. Inventory value by cost and retail added to stock report
    3. Ability to set products as age restricted
    4. Ability to sell products by weight
    5. Preparation for integrating chip and pin credit card terminal
    6. Updated product import template for new fields
    7. Tightened up deletion/maintenance logic for users and price lists
    8. Several minor bug fixes

    As always, do contact us if you have any questions regarding the new release.

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