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Monthly Archives: September 2011

  • New Release 1.8.3

    The latest Bluestore Live release 1.8.3 will be applied across the production servers on Tuesday 27th September at 5am GMT (6am BST / 1am EDT / 10pm PDT).

    Main changes in this release:

    1. Maintain customer details on the console
    2. Added cost price and currency to products
    3. API is expanded to include more objects (we will be adding documentation on this shortly)
    4. Terminal is now rendered in a window and in 1024x768 mode by default
    5. Much faster initialisation of data from hub to store
    6. Improvements in handling large amounts of sales data when store has been used offline for a long period of time
    7. Entry of tax rules, assignment of single tax code tightened up
    8. Fixed problems with rendering for non-English browsers
    9. Fixed logic when importing data multiple times
    10. Improvements in passing information to the receipt
    11. Fixed problem restoring parked sale
    12. Minor terminal and console bug fixes

    Coming up will be the ability to add customers to a sale and report on margin and stock values with the new product cost price.

    As always, do contact us if you have any questions regarding the new release.

  • Customising Receipts with Bluestore Live POS

    With Bluestore Live POS, receipts can be fully customised including adding your own messages and logo....

    Having custom sales receipts is a great way to advertise your business, as well as giving customers proof of their purchase.

    With Bluestore Live POS a default sales receipt is delivered that is fully usable, but for best results we encourage our retailers to tweak the receipt format by adding their own logo and customer messages.All POS outputs can be changed:

    • Sales receipt
    • Inventory movements
    • Ad-hoc changes to cash drawer contents
    • Till status report (X-Report)
    • Reconciliation report (Z-Report)
    • Labels
    • Test print
    • Receipt logo

    All the detail on how to customise your own receipts on Bluestore Live POS is on our support site here:

    Get creative with your receipts - it's a free way to advertise!

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