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Monthly Archives: May 2011

  • New Release 0.6.4

    Final Beta Version of Bluestore Live

    The latest Bluestore Live release was applied across the production servers this morning. This is the last beta release before our official launch!
    This release continues to improve reliability and we've fixed a number of bugs that have become visible during beta testing. In addition we have added a number of new features:

    1. A front page dashboard for the console. Shows sales for the last 12 months, sales last 24 hours, POS summary for today, daily receipt analysis for the last 14 days and the status of connected POS terminals. We will be adding to the dashboard in future and eventually would like to allow users to create their own front page widgets for their business.
    2. New monthly sales report. Displays sales values month on month in matrix form with annual totals.
    3. 'Request Price' feature. Allows a product to be set as 'request price'. This will ask the POS operator to enter a price whenever the product is scanned/selected at the till. Very useful for variable price, 'miscellaneous' or grouped products.
    4. Export of daily POS summary data to excel, csv or xml. Provides a summarised output to file of sales, payments received, drawer discrepancies and drawer miscellaneous payments. This can be used as base data for importing to an accounting application or for external reporting.
    5.  New Bluestore API. Allows customers to set up an external application to use data in their Bluestore Live account. OAuth is used for authenticating remote requests against secure keys that can be generated inside the Bluestore back office console. This first release of the API allows interrogation of product and inventory data and will be extended in future to cover all Bluestore objects.We are also working on full supporting documentation which will be available in the coming days.
    6.  Improvements to the POS reconciliation process. We've cleaned up the POS terminal drawer reconciliation process to make it easier to understand with better operator prompts.
    7. Improvements in the reporting parameters. We've added new parameters to some of the reports to make them more flexible, e.g. full date and time selection for the main sales report.

    Throughout the beta phase your feedback has helped us to improve the product. This is really important to us so please keep it coming! The next release will be the first live version. We are very excited about the launch and more details about pricing and sign up will be published in due course.

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